Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Blur: Far Out

A recent dig through some files from an old computer turned up my copy of Parklife by Blur, and straight back into the iTunes library it went. The album contains the song Far Out, which to my mind is a masterpiece of prose, those magical moons and stars, set to that other-worldly music. It is a tour-de-force of the imagination and in my humble opinion contributes as much to the human attempt to grasp the myseries of the Universe as the app and video I spoke of in previous posts (but in totally different ways, and variety is the spice of life). Nice job by the person who lined up all the pictures with the music!

In homage to Blur here are the lyrics.

I spy in the night sky don't I
Phoebe Io Elara Leda Callisto
Sinope Janus Dione Portia
So many moons!
Quiet in the sky at night
Hot in the Milky Way
Outside in
Vega Capella Hadar Rigel Barnard's Star
Antares Aldebaran Altair Wolf 359 Betelgeuse

I was very impressed that Wikipedia had a page on every single one of the moons and stars, I think that warrants me to go and make a donation!

On futher investigation, i.e. typing "Blur Far Out" into youtube, I found out there is another version of Far Out. Some of you may be impressed, others may be disappointed that I didn't know about it already. I have to say I prefer the Parklife version. Less is more for me, but here it is anyway:

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