Saturday, 2 May 2015

Mike Monomer: "Polymer Song"

Dear all.

My YouTube account was hacked today by someone going by the name of "Mike Monomer" in what seems best described as an act of educational vigilantism.

He left this calling card. Enjoy.

Mike Monomer: Polymer Song
(c) 2015 Reptation Records

Well I'm a polymer scientist and when I meet new people
We talk about the weather or the news
But I always dread the question where they ask, "what do you do?"
So I wrote this little song to see me through.

I say I work on polymers and sometimes they go blank
'Cause polymer is not a common word in people's memory banks
If I say I work with plastics I sometimes have more fun
'Cause everyone knows what plastic is 'cause we use it by the tonne

Well polymers are molecules that make up things like plastics
But also things like rubber, or you could say elastic
Even DNA is polymer that's very, very long
But I think we'll do that in another song

The plastics mankind uses are too numerous to sing
But they're extremely versatile and good for processing
And once we've used some plastic, it doesn't go in the bin
'Cause it's good at being recycled and then used all over again


Yes, polymers are molecules that look like bits of string
Or much like cooked spaghetti if you happen to zoom right in
But for that you'll need a microscope to see what's really there
'Cause each one is one millionth of the width of a human hair


There's polystyrene, Perspex(TM), and uPVC
There's PVA and PEO and PET
There's one certain polymer whose name I think is great
poly(2-[dimethylamino]ethyl methacrylate)